Natural beauty enhancements to get you looking and feeling your best.

Welcome to Serenity Health & Wellness! We are a medical practice operating out of Spartanburg, SC combining the best of conventional and natural medicines. We believe that self care is the best care.

My Serenity Health & Wellness is your one stop shop for wellness injections, non-invasive body enhancements, vaginal rejuvenation, weight loss management, and natural supplements. Our services are designed to help you become a better you, enhance your appearance and soothe your soul.

Get The Results You’ve Been Looking For!

Have you been struggling with losing weight, keeping weight off, or maybe even depression? We can help you get back to that vibrant woman you are. Radiate confidence with a lifestyle that supports your dreams and feel good while you’re at it. We’d be honored to join you on your weight loss journey.