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Is it possible to sleep peacefully at night and still lose weight? This may sound like a miracle, but there is actually a real way to achieve this. The solution is called the PhenQ PM diets, which are scientifically proven and designed to help the body burn fat overnight. Let’s learn more about how this is possible and how you can benefit from this unique product, read this PhenQ PM review.

What is PhenQ PM?

This product was created for those people who have excess weight but do not have free time and energy to exercise a lot. It helps also when workouts don’t bring the desired results and are recommended in case of exhaustion and depression.

The developers created it for both men and women. Moreover, it has no side effects or contradictions for usage. Therefore, almost everyone can benefit from its efficiency, get back in shape and live an active life full of energy and joy.

How it Works

The problem with excess weight is that it is complex and involves more than just some extra kilos on the body. The accumulation of fat occurs when the metabolism is disturbed and does not work as it must. There are numerous reasons for this starting from an unhealthy high-calorie diet and ending with stress and diseases.

Still, one requires a complex solution and PhenQ PM provides it through the following mechanisms:

  • enhancing of fat-burning process and perverting its accumulation;
  • activating the production of growth hormones that normalize metabolic issues;
  • normalizing blood glucose levels and the metabolism of sugars;
  • reducing craving for unhealthy food;
  • improving the quality and quantity of sleep;
  • reducing stress levels.

As a result of such a complex action, the body gets more energy and loses not only kilos but also reasons to accumulate them in the future.

PhenQ PM Benefits

Now let’s discover the advantages that await those who decided to try this product.

Weight loss support

Even the most stubborn fat will go away easier due to these pills. The complex of metabolic changes that occur stimulates their oxidation and conversion to free energy. Furthermore, the glucose that is coming from food will not be converted into new fat. Thus, the body will reorganize these processes and extra kilos will disappear forever.

Improved sleep quality

This unique composition contains vitamins and amino acids that have a positive influence on brainwork. One of the aims is to make sleep deeper as it is needed for the production of growth hormones. The latter is crucial for the normalization of metabolism.

In addition, healthier sleep brings more energy to the following days and reduces the craving for unhealthy food.

PhenQ PM Benefits

Reduced cravings

When you are stressed and depressed and do not get enough sleep, no wonder that the body tries to improve the situation by demanding more calories than required. However, it is almost impossible to stop cravings by just thinking about it. Instead, these pills remove the reasons for such cravings and then they disappear easily.

Enhanced mood

One more essential benefit is a better and brighter mood as a result of the intake of this product. While the metabolism is normalized, the body gets all the nutrients it needs and it feels like happiness. In addition, one gets back in shape and this also brings joy.

PhenQ PM Customer Reviews

There are many PhenQ PM reviews on the web and it is useful to read them and find out what people really experience with this product:

Alice, 46: I’ve been using PhenQ PM for only two weeks and I have already felt some results. I feel less fatigued and more energetic. If before there were some troubles with sleep, now they are absent. As for the weight, it has started to decrease only a bit but I’m going to continue to take the pills and I’m sure of the results.

Richard, 51: Due to work, I don’t have enough time to exercise. So, these pills appeared to be the greatest solution for me. I only changed my diet a bit and added them to my routine and after a few months, I got the shape I wanted.

Kate, 39: I started gaining weight due to stress and overload both at work and in family life. The changes in my appearance made me even more desperate and I felt no motivation for diets or hard workouts. That is why I appreciate PhenQ PM and its help. With these pills. I feel stronger and fat leaves my body without any problems.

PhenQ PM Ingredients

To understand the basics of action, we need to learn more about the composition. It combines a dozen of active nutrients that are useful for health and metabolism.


This amino acid promotes the synthesis of growth hormones that are required for better fat burning. In addition, it helps to normalize blood pressure and improve athletic performance.

L-Lysine HCL

One more amino acid in the composition is required for the natural production of carnitine. This compound also has fat-burning properties and helps to lose weight at night while gaining more energy throughout the day.
Furthermore, this amino acid contributes to stress and anxiety reduction via a drop in cortisol levels.


This compound has a positive influence on the brain that was backed by science. Due to its action, the heart rate lowers, anxiety disappears and one can easier get proper sleep.


The effects of this amino acid were tested on humans with obesity and diabetes. It was shown that a two-week consumption led to a decrease in cravings for sugars and weight loss.


This microelement participates in the regulation of blood sugar levels. Keeping them stable throughout the evening reduces the craving for unhealthy snacks that often appear before bedtime. Chromium also decreases the risks of type-2 diabetes.


As for this vitamin, it is a well-known booster of metabolic processes. Biotin enhances glucose metabolism, oxidation of fats and prevents their accumulation in the body.


Molybdenum is a crucial part of essential enzymes that are required for breaking down harmful substances in the body. Thus, it helps to eliminate waste and improve overall health.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C also participates in weight loss by enhancing fat oxidation and metabolism. It reduces blood pressure and strengthens the immune system. This compound eliminates free radicals and provides the body with energy.

PhenQ PM

Vitamins B

There are three vitamins of this group in this composition, namely:

  • Vitamin B1 participates in the metabolism of lipids and carbs. Its deficiency is accompanied by weight gain and reduced efficacy of workouts.
  • Vitamin B6 regulates the work of the hormonal system and reduces food cravings;
  • Vitamin B5 contributes to stress reduction and lowers the negative impact of cortisol on the body.


This compound was also studied related to fat metabolism. It is still not clear how it acts but it is useful for reducing weight and normalizing an overall metabolism.

How to use PhenQ PM

The daily dosage of this product is equal to four capsules that should be taken with a glass of water. The recommended time for the intake is 30 to 60 minutes before sleep.


PhenQ PM has a significant effect on the body and does not require a lot of other efforts to reach the desired results. Still, there are some beneficial points such as:

  • switching to a healthier diet to help the body in the metabolism normalization;
  • creating proper conditions for sleep and allowing at least 7 hours of sleep every night;
  • reducing stress in everyday life;
  • mild exercise may also be helpful for those who would like to get in shape faster.

Potential side effects

This truly natural composition is not associated with any severe side effects. Sometimes customers report mild digestion issues that disappear after the first week of the intake.

One has to be sure of absence of the allergic reactions to the components. In addition, those who take other medicines or supplements have to consult a healthcare provider on the possibility of such a combination.

PhenQ PM Pricing

Each bottle of the product contains 120 capsules that are enough for one month of regular intake. The costs that the manufacturer provides are as follows:

  • $64.99 for 1 bottle;
  • $129.99 for 3 bottles;
  • $194.99 for 5 bottles.

Thus, the price for one bottle becomes lower with the bulk options. Furthermore, there is free worldwide delivery for orders and a 60-day money-back guarantee. Thus, if you are not satisfied with the results within this time frame, you can get a refund and no one will ask you any additional questions.

Does It Really Work?

According to both scientific investigations and phenq recharge pm reviews, this product is truly effective and guarantees all the results claimed by the manufacturer.

PhenQ PM Results

The first changes in the food behavior, overall performance and mood appear already after the first week of the intake. Starting from the second week:

  • the weight loss becomes obvious and one loses from 5 to 10 pounds per month;
  • the quality of sleep becomes higher and night sleep gives refreshments and strength for a new day;
  • the levels of exhaustion and stress reduce;
  • workouts become more efficient and the body gets in shape.

All these results come gradually but they are maintained by the body so they will not disappear even after stopping the usage of the product for some reason.

Where to Buy PhenQ PM?

The only trusted and recommended place for purchase is PhenQ PM official website. Here the manufacturer gives all the necessary details and information and provides the best prices.

Other resources with lower pricing are in most cases fraudsters so it’s better to protect yourself from such products and buy only from the manufacturer.


In a nutshell, losing weight while sleeping is not a miracle anymore. This is a fantastic reality possible due to the developers of PhenQ PM. The natural well-balanced composition does its best to boost the body toward healthier metabolism, burn stubborn fats and return the feeling of youth, strength and beauty for everyone.


Is PhenQ PM effective?

Yes, the efficiency of this product is backed by science and proved with numerous scientific investigations as well as with customers’ feedback.

How long does PhenQ PM take to work?

The first obvious changes one starts to feel after the first week of regular intake. The weight loss becomes apparent after the second week and all the effects are gradually increasing further.

Is PhenQ PM safe?

Yes, this natural composition does not possess any severe side effects and has almost no limitations for usage.

How much weight can you lose in a month on PhenQ?

According to the manufacturer, customers lose from 5 to 10 pounds per month while using this product regularly for a month and more.

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