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Weight loss supplements, also called fat burners, are often used by people who are unhappy with their gym results and want to boost them. And sometimes fitness enthusiasts can’t spend as much time exercising as they used to, so they’re looking for a way to make their workouts as effective as possible. Read this PrimeShred Review.

In this PrimeShred fat burner review, we analyze one of these supplements to try and understand if it is worth trying or if there is no reason to invest in this product.

What is PrimeShred

PrimeShred is marketed as a “hardcore fat burner” as stated on its website and the label. Its manufacturer is a UK-registered company Health Nutrition Limited making supplements for weight loss, bodybuilding, and general health promotion.

According to the manufacturer, the supplement is more than a fat burner: it also gives you more energy for better performance in the gym and boosts mood for motivation, alertness, and focus.

How it Works

PrimeShred fat burner consists of natural ingredients carefully selected to synergize in three directions: faster fat burning, increased energy levels, improved mood, and stress resistance. All of the ingredients were clinically studied in regard to their potential contribution to these objectives.

Benefits of PrimeShred

Those benefits surely sound nice—almost too good to be true. We decided to break down the mechanism of action for every aspect of PrimeShred to understand how it is achievable—if achievable at all.

Fat Loss

The manufacturer makes a huge emphasis that PrimeShred is a powerful fat burner (remember the label). Some of its constituents (caffeine, green tea, capsaicin) really have shown during the studies abilities to help body fat through several mechanics:

  • Increase in thermogenesis—an ability of the body to produce heat by wasting energy stored as fat, and thus, burning it.
  • Increase in lipolysis—the process when fat is disassembled to release energy.
  • Higher basal metabolic rate—the amount of energy used by the body when it rests. The higher the BMR, the easier it is to achieve a negative energy balance (when the body needs more energy than it gets with foods). In such a state, the organism starts to use stored energy—again, burn fat.
  • Higher levels of adiponectin, a hormone that takes part in the metabolism of fats, are generally associated with weight loss.

Energy Focus

Maintaining a workout routine is not easy when you feel exhausted every day. And when exercising is more demanding and harder than it used to be, it can become very frustrating and lead to quitting.

Caffeine in PrimeShred ingredients blocks adenosine—a hormone that reduces our mental activity and makes us feel tired and sleepy. Yes, a good rest is absolutely necessary for the body, especially when you want to block muscles but if you want an energy boost in the morning, this is your alternative to an Americano.

In addition, there is Rhodiola extract—a known adaptogen, a bit similar to ginseng in terms of making you more energetic and resilient.

PrimeShred Review

Mood Boosting

An adaptogenic component in PrimeShred also makes you more resistant to stress. Additionally, there are vitamins of the B group the deficit of which is associated with anemia and depression. Also, L-theanine in PrimeShred increases brain serotonin, dopamine, and GABA levels, thus improving mood, alertness, and concentration.

PrimeShred Customer Reviews

PrimeShred reviews are not featured on its official website, and it is a drawback. We always feel more confident in the product when we can read the feedback from its real users. There are also no Amazon reviews because supplements by Health Nutrition Limited are only sold through the website.

However, you can find online reviews of PrimeShred written in blogs and fitness web resources by gym enthusiasts. They note that:

“A solid combo supplement for weight loss and fitness with practical benefits.”
“Did not feel more jittery and anxious like I was with other caffeine supplements—just more energetic and optimistic.”
“With PrimeShred, workouts are a breeze, and I am bulking with less effort than earlier.”

PrimeShred Ingredients

Some PrimeShred fat burner components have been mentioned earlier but let us stop at each and every one of them and have a more detailed look. By the way, the supplement is suitable for vegans and vegetarians, too! Its active constituents are vitamins, amino acids, herbal extracts, etc.—nothing you cannot gain from natural sources. And auxiliary ingredients are vegan-friendly as well: it is hypromellose, silica, and magnesium stearate. No gelatine or something like this.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea is a famous wellness drink. It gives you a clear mind, energy without anxiety, and it is generally considered good for your health. The energy boost and improves concentration come from caffeine. Caffeine blocks adenosine making us more alert and lively. It is also good for workouts and fat burning—there are studies claiming that caffeine can boost your physical performance, thermogenesis, and BMR.

But this is not the end! Green tea contains catechins which are antioxidants. These compounds protect our tissues from oxidation, inhibit aging, damage, and mutation of cells, and reduce inflammation. Main green tea catechin called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) also promotes metabolism and, better yet, gets into synergy with caffeine improving the effectiveness of both.

PrimeShred Green Tea Extract


DMAE, or dimethylaminoethanol, is a compound naturally produced by the body. It can also be consumed from fatty fish, such as salmon or anchovies. There are suggestions that DMAE can improve athletic performance and affect mental state by stimulating acetylcholine production. Acetylcholine is a neural mediator—a compound that helps transmit neural signals through cells.

However, studies of DMAE for its stimulative capacities come to the conclusion that further research is necessary.


L-Tyrosine is a non-essential amino acid that can be produced in the body or consumed with food. Low levels of it are associated with depressed mood. It promotes mental flexibility and stress resistance helping you be more motivated, overcome downfalls and mistakes more easily, and bear with restrictive diets. It also improves long-term endurance, dieticians explain.

Green Coffee

If you wondered what green coffee is, it is just unroasted coffee beans. It contains antioxidants called chlorogenic acids that, in addition to their antioxidative properties, can help regulate lipid metabolism—e.g. promote fat burning.


L-Theanine is another amino acid. It can be found in black or green tea and some kinds of mushrooms. It increases the levels of endothelial nitric oxide—a vasodilator that helps blood vessels to relax, thus improving blood flow and oxygen supply for organs and tissues. L-Theanine also has a huge positive impact on mental health demonstrated by several studies. It helps you relax, gives you better focus, and improves sleep.

Vitamin B Complex

B vitamins are essential for healthy metabolic processes in the body, the production of “happy” chemicals (dopamine and serotonin), protein metabolism (which has to do with muscle building), heart health, and proper function of the CNS.

Rhodiola Rosea Root

We already mentioned that Rhodiola Rosea is a proven adaptogen. It improves brain function, mood, and resistance to stress, alleviates depressed mental state, helps to battle fatigue, increases stamina, and enhances physical performance.


Bioperine aka piperine aka black pepper is often used in supplements to increase the bioavailability of other ingredients so that they are more useful for the consumer. However, in fat burners, it may potentiate their effect on fat metabolism in general and thermogenesis in particular as studies show.

Caffeine Anhydrous

“Anhydrous” simply means “dehydrated”. The dose of pure dehydrated caffeine in PrimeShred is roughly equivalent to 2 large cups of coffee. And we described all the benefits of caffeine when talking about green tea, so you already know that caffeine means energy boost, sharp focus, and higher energy expenditure.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin—a compound that gives it the signature hot taste. There are studies that suggest that capsaicin can activate lipolysis, reduce fat accumulation, and increase levels of adiponectin. Further research is considered necessary but the preliminary data is surely promising.

How to use PrimeShred

It is recommended to take 3 pills 20 minutes before having breakfast, both on days when you train and when you do not.


It is important to remember that weight loss supplements that promote muscle building, fat burning, and gym performance, do not exclude the necessity to exercise and eat healthy.

Potential side effects

Natural supplements such as PrimeShred are generally safe to use. However, keep in mind some standard precautions:

  • Individual intolerance is always possible. If you appear to be allergic to the product, stop using it and contact your doctor.
  • Products that contain caffeine and other natural stimulants are not recommended to persons who have hypersensitivity to those or pregnant people.
  • The components of the supplement can interact with other medications you take. An overdose of vitamins is also possible depending on your diet and lifestyle. We recommend consulting your physician before starting a new product.

PrimeShred Pricing

One bottle of PrimeShred costs $49.99 and is enough for a month. There are combo packs that offer free bottles so the long-term course will be cheaper—a good option for those who already tried the product and want to continue.

Does It Really Work?

PrimeShred consists of ingredients with well-known properties backed by clinical studies of various degrees. It also gained good reviews from fitness specialists who often try and review weight control and performance-enhancing supplements.

PrimeShred Results

Every person has an individual metabolism, workout plan, and nutrition program, which is why the results provided by PrimeShred will differ as well. On average, one starts to see significant changes after a few weeks of use but the effect on energy and mood can be noticeable from the first days.

Where to Buy PrimeShred

We recommend buying PrimeShred on the official website only to exclude the possibility of fraud.


PrimeShred is a fitness dietary supplement intended to improve fat burning, energy levels, and mood. It is produced of natural ingredients that had some related clinical research so their inclusion is justified. The product also has good reviews from bloggers specializing in fitness and fitness supplements.


Is PrimeShred safe?

It is of natural composition and made at a GMP-certified facility in the USA so it is safe for healthy adults. Unless you have high sensitivity to the components or take medications that can interact with PrimeShred, you can use it without worries.

What are the side effects of PrimeShred?

There could be individual sensitivity or effects related to caffeine—in this case, regulate your caffeine intake from other sources.

How long does PrimeShred take to work?

This is purely individual but in general, you should start noticing some changes after several weeks of use.

When should I take Prime Shred?

The manufacturer recommends taking it in the morning, before breakfast, so that the energy boost will be most welcome and useful.

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