Can Glucomannan Help You Lose Weight?

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Being slim is not only about beauty but also about health. An extra weight may cause different diseases and is generally harmful to health. At the same time, losing kilos is a challenging task and everyone who has encountered it will prove this fact. Luckily enough, some helpful substances and supplements may help in reducing body weight and maintaining it at a normal level. One of them is glucomannan. It is backed by science and useful for health in different ways. Let’s unveil its secrets and benefits.

What is Glucomannan

This compound belongs to the group of water-soluble dietary fibers. Its main source is a plant known as elephant yam or konjac. All fibers are necessary for proper digestion and must be present in the diet. At the same time, such representative as glucomannan possesses other profitable types of action on the body.

Moreover, it was thoroughly studied by different scientific groups and all its actions are nowadays fully backed by science. The investigations were carried out on humans also. Thus, their results are verified and can be trusted.

Function in the body

When this compound enters the body, it absorbs the water and increases in volume. While this process occurs, the following important consequences come:

  • This compound does not provide you with additional calories as it is not digested and stays in its initial form;
  • It makes the stomach full and reduces appetite;
  • While it is in the stomach, satiety is increased, and this takes a sufficient time;
  • The absorption of fats and proteins becomes lower due to its presence in the digestive system, so the total intake of calories decreases even more;
  • It provides nutrients for useful bacteria that live in the intestine and have a great impact on your body weight and overall health.

Combining all these effects together, we can understand how this compound helps to reduce weight. It lowers the intake of calories and prevents suffering from it. In addition, it regulates other parts of metabolism and improves overall health.

Health benefits

Glucomannan and its effects were thoroughly studied on humans. Different trials revealed not only its perfect ability to reduce weight up to 8-10 pounds after five weeks of regular intake but also showed other important health benefits that follow its regular consumption.

Blood sugar control

Studies revealed that intake of glucomannan reduces fasting blood sugar levels. This helps to reduce weight as high blood sugar contributes to gaining extra kilos. In addition, this effect decreases the risk of developing of second-type diabetes and reduces appetite.

Cholesterol regulation

Not only do blood sugar levels decrease but also excess total cholesterol and triglycerides vanish from the blood flow while taking this compound. That is especially valuable for preventing atherosclerosis and other heart diseases. The body is stimulated in burning fats and eliminating them instead of absorbing them from the diet and storing them inside.

Gut health improvement

Furthermore, this compound prevents constipation and feeds useful bacteria that live in the intestine. This has a positive effect on the digestion system in general, helps the body to take the most important nutrients from food and leave behind excess fats and sugars.

Moreover, there are studies that have proven the link between gut health, mood and brain work. Thus, these effects may have a great positive impact on the quality of life in general.

How Glucomannan Aids in Weight Loss

The action and effects of this compound were thoroughly studied by scientists. There are numerous investigations that describe the observed results including human trials.

That is why now we can explain the basic mechanisms of action as well as predict possible weight loss. Still, the most efficient was the combination of the intake of this compound and a healthy diet and reasonable physical activity.

Appetite suppression

The main way to eliminate extra kilos from the body is to reduce the daily amount of calories. Actually, when you gain less than you spend that is the beginning of the weight loss process.

However, appetite is not so easy to cheat, especially for those who got used to eating a lot. This is often the main reason why diets are not helpful and only lead to suffering, frustration and failure.

With glucomannan, this problem disappears. When taken before the meal, it fills up the space in the stomach. The latter sends the signals to the brain that it is full and no more food is required. That’s it! The appetite is suppressed in a natural way without suffering.

Impact on caloric intake

The previous effect continues in a lesser intake of calories. While glucomannan occupies your stomach, you eat less and therefore the reduction of calories also occurs naturally.

Furthermore, the presence of glucomannan in the digestive system reduces the absorption of fats and proteins that have entered the system. Thus, these two effects are combined and promote the desired weight loss.

Glucomannan and balanced diet

Still, it is necessary to take care of your diet. If you combine glucomannan with healthy foods and exercise, the effect will be more than pronounced and significant.

Therefore, it is recommended to switch to a healthy diet rich in proteins, plant fats, vegetables and fruits. Minimize the presence of sugars and processed food. Avoid drinking alcohol and follow the basic needs of your body.

How to Incorporate Glucomannan into Your Diet

If you decided to try glucomannan and its effects, then pay attention to its features and recommendations on its intake. Keep in mind that this product is not a panacea and it takes time to observe its efficiency.

Forms of Glucomannan

You can find different single-component glucomannan supplements made as powders or capsules. In addition, it is often added to rich compositions for weight loss. They can be full of other ingredients that is why it is important to study the supplement and decide whether it is suitable for you.

Furthermore, glucomannan can be even found in usual food products. Due to its physical properties, the manufacturers add it to different products as emulsifiers and thickeners. Usual pasta and flour often contain it. However, the quantities present in these products are usually not enough to promote weight loss.

Therefore, if your primary aim is to become slim, select some of the supplements that are presented on the market. Just be careful while choosing and check the reliability of the manufacturer, reviews of other customers and all the available information on its action.

Dosage and timing

The average recommended dosage is 1 gram. It should be taken three or four times per day. The following advice on the intake is crucial:

  • Take the supplement at least 15 minutes before the meal or even 30 minutes or more;
  • Drink a few glasses of water together with it to ensure the expansion of the compound in the stomach;
  • Take it regularly at least five weeks to observe the first effects. Then, increase the dose if required.

It is important to take this compound before the meal because, in this case, its efficiency will be at the upper level. Otherwise, it will be difficult for the body to cope with the compound and the weight loss will not be so significant.

Potential side effects

As a natural compound, glucomannan is not associated with any severe side effects. Sometimes customers report minor problems, including bloating, flatulence and diarrhea. However, they are not very common, may appear at the very beginning of its utilization and should swiftly disappear.

If you feel uncomfortable after the intake and the digestive issues appear and do not pass, stop the intake and consult your healthcare provider on your further actions.

If you take some oral medications every day, it is not recommended to combine them with glucomannan. They should be taken at least four hours after or one hour before the supplement. Still, the latter can reduce their effects, so be mindful of this possibility and consult the physician on the prospects of such a combination.


In a nutshell, glucomannan is one of a few water-soluble fibers with proven effectiveness. It was accurately studied and many researchers provide us with the detailed mechanisms of its activities together with the data on the efficacy and results of regular intake.
Therefore, we can claim that people with obesity and extra weight who combine glucomannan with a healthy diet and physical activity, lose up to 8-10 pounds after five weeks of its regular intake. That is why this supplement is worth considering for becoming slim without struggles and difficulties.


How much weight can you lose on glucomannan?

The regular intake of this compound before meals for at least five weeks reduces weight up to 8-10 pounds. The exact effect depends on the individual condition and state of the person.

Does glucomannan make you lose weight?

Yes, this compound is helpful in eliminating extra kilos. It provides the feeling of satiety, reduces the intake of calories and helps to normalize metabolism. All these effects are backed by science.

What are the risks of glucomannan?

This natural compound comes without any severe side effects. Sometimes users report minor digestive issues at the beginning of its intake but they disappear quickly. This may include bloating, flatulence and diarrhea. In case of any other issues, one must stop the intake and consul a doctor.

Who should not take glucomannan?

This compound may reduce the absorption of medicines. That is why if there are any you should take regularly, do not combine their intake with glucomannan. It is better to consult your healthcare provider on the possibility of such a combination.

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