Can You Eat Kiwi Skin?

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Kiwifruit or just kiwi is an awesome bright green fruit that is well-known and popular all over the world. There are two varieties of it – green and gold – and each can be eaten with skin as an apple. Let’s learn more about this amazing fact and find a way to relish this fruit even more.

Pros of Eating Kiwi Skin

To begin with, kiwi skin is not just edible. It is full of useful compounds that can greatly contribute to your health.


Among important nutrients that are left behind when you peel this fruit are antioxidants including vitamins E and C and polyphenols. They catch free radicals thus contributing to the protection from different diseases and aging. In addition. In addition, these compounds boost the immune system and help your body to stay strong and invulnerable.


All plants contain fiber that is not digested in our bodies but helps greatly in the digestion process. However, the greatest part of it is always in the skin. Therefore, if you choose not to peel your kiwi, you will get 50% more fiber.

Reduced food waste

Naturally, peeled skin is wasted and the bigger the kiwi lover you are the more skin you will find in the bin. As we struggle to protect the environment, the less waste you produce the better. One small step may be eating kiwi with its skin.


The skin of this fruit is also rich in folate or vitamin B9. The latter is involved in energy production and is especially important before and during the pregnancy to keep the child safe from birth defects.

Cons of Eating Kiwi Skin

However, everything is not goingas smoothly as we would like. Thus, there are several reasons for continuing scrupulously peeling your kiwi.

Allergic reactions

There are people allergic to a specific enzyme called actinidin that is found in the skin of the fruit. It can lead to anitchy mouth or such a severe condition as anaphylaxis. Therefore, if you are new to this product start with the skinned fruit.

Pesticide residue

Unfortunately, it happens so that fruits’ skin accumulates not only useful but also harmful substances from the environment. Thus, pesticides may be lefthere and even thorough washing does not always help to get rid of them.
That is why you need to check the manufacturer and purchase the fruits only in approved places.

Unpleasant texture

Not all the people appreciate fuzziness of this little deliciousness. In addition, there are crystals of calcium oxalate or raphides that may scrape the mouth.Moreover, they contribute to the occurrence of kidney stones so one should be careful.


At last, the whole skin kiwi may be a bit sourer than you like or get used to. Those who want to enjoy the pure sweetness are not fond of the idea to the left of the skin on the fruit.

How to Prepare Kiwi Skin for Eating

If you do want to try this unusual way of eating but still are not entirely sure, use the following tips:

  • Select a gold fruit, not a green one. It is a bit smoother and better for the first time.
  • Try to removeas much fuzz as possible. For this, you can rub the fruit with a towel, brush for vegetables or even with a spoon.
  • Slice it and add it to the fruit salad. That is exactly the way you behave with other fruits like apples. Thus, your brain may be tricked a bit.
  • Prepare a smoothie from it. After a blender breaks down the fruit together with its skin, you will see no difference and the quality of taste will be also perfect.

Therefore, there is no need to bite it straight ahead. Take your time and move step by step to a new eating habit.


Here we revealed all the secrets of this small tangy fruit. It is valuable for health and with its skin the benefits are even more pronounced. Thus, if you are not allergic to it, give your kiwi a fresh look and a savory bite.


Is the skin of a kiwi good for you?

Yes, it is full of nutrients, vitamins and fiber. Their content here is even more pronounced than in the pulp.

Is kiwi better with or without skin?

It is beneficial in both cases. However, the skin contains many useful compounds that enrich the diet.

Can your body digest kiwi skin?

Most of it is a fiber that isindigestible. Still, it is crucial for the proper activity of the digestive system and vitamins are adsorbed from the skin.

Can you eat the hairy skin of a kiwi?

The answer to this question is positive. It brings no harm unless you are allergic to it.

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